A Nice Trick for Better Woman’s Orgasm

Kiev escorts really adore clients who think not only about their own, but also try to make sex pleasant for an escort. However not many of clients pay attention on such a trifle, as paying money they expect endless pleasure only for themselves. That is why Kiev escorts taught themselves to get satisfaction from sex by their own. And some tricks they use in practice can help you to solve your problems, when a lady cannot come during sex with you.
One of effective ways used by Kiev escorts is the following. A lot of men like positions with women on top, this is how they do less while getting more. But if you want your lady to come with you, don’t hurry to finish the process and play with her clitoris and vagina more sophisticatedly. Kiev escorts guarantee that it won’t take much time. Try to alternate penetrations with playing with her clitoris by the head of your penis. In such a way Kiev escorts arouse themselves for better come. Such alteration brings extrasensual effect that both of you will like.
Also Kiev escorts admit that such play helps for better vagina muscles contraction, so you will definitely like the effect! Even if she didn’t like being on top before, this will become her favourite pose.


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