How to Interact with Chicks Successfully When Using a Free Fuck Site

Finding a sex date is not as hard as you would think. There are tons of websites, mobile apps, and all sorts of places on the internet where finding a sex date can be a slam dunk. I’m not saying that you only need to join up and all these women will come out of the woodwork. I’m not saying that at all. There’s no legion or army of women looking to fuck you, just because you joined a website.

Regardless of what you heard, or the kind of impressions that you were given looking at all those adult dating sites’ advertising, finding a sex date does require some sort of effort. Still, a lot of guys have been so successful in finding a sex date that it’s not the stuff of fantasies. It happens all the time.

The funny thing is, a lot of guys that you would least suspect of bagging a lot of women are the most successful dudes. They look overweight, a lot of them are old, a lot of them are plain ugly, but they fuck day in and day out. That’s right, they stick their penises in pussies all day and every day. What’s going on? Well, they figured out how to interact with chicks on this site the right way. If you want to be more successful in the online anonymous sex dating scene, pay attention to the following.

Let Go of Your Fear of Rejection

The first thing you have to understand is you’re not all that. The world does not revolve around you. The world definitely doesn’t owe you anything. It doesn’t owe you your self esteem. If you are able to be at peace with this central reality, then rejection wouldn’t be a big thing.

Let’s face it, guys get rejected all the time. If you were going to look for a job, you probably will get rejected many times before you find your ideal job. Rejection is part of life. Let go of your fear of rejection and you would be able to put your best foot forward consistently. This is the fundamental secret to finding a sex date.

You have to understand that women detect confidence a mile away. If they think that you don’t like yourself that much, or you have low self confidence and self esteem, they will feel sorry for you, but they wouldn’t want to fuck you. They wouldn’t even want to talk to you. A lot of women would actually take that as a cue to step all over you. You don’t want to be in any of that bullshit situation so let go of your fear of rejection. There’s nothing to lose.

Make Sure Whatever You Say is Headed in the Right Direction

A lot of guys think that all these women who are involved in finding a sex date are looking for great conversationalists. These women are not looking for highly intelligent men. These women are not looking for the local representative of the neighborhood genius society. They could care less about that shit. What they’re looking for is somebody to have fun with.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to look like Brad Pitt. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to earn a million dollars every year. None of that matters. You just need to make them feel comfortable. This is why you have to watch what you say, and make sure that it always leads to the common agenda that you both share. What is your common agenda? You’re both figuring out how to find a sex date. Keep it simple.

Take Turns

Hooking up is not just about you. It’s much hotter when both people are enthusiastic about pleasing each other. The interesting thing is that you’re pleasing each other not just physically. You please each other when you talk the right way or when you create the right vibes. It’s all about making each other comfortable so you can share more of each other. What’s the payoff? Chances are, she would want to invite you back. That’s a big thing because a lot of guys who go on sex dates never get invited back

Do all of the above and you’ll not only find a sex date, but you’ll also be successful interacting with all sorts of women. You have to remember that chicks who are into freaky sex come in all shapes and sizes and forms.


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